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Senior / Lead Full Stack Developer



About the Role

1.  Most important
1.  7+ years professional development experience, with a strong background in web and mobile application development.
2.  3+ years React Native experience
3.  3+ years React experience
4.  Experience as the lead developer of a team
2.  Less important
1.  Proven experience leading cross-functional teams, providing technical direction, and delivering high-quality projects.
2.  Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot and debug complex technical issues.
3.  Ability to write clean, maintainable, and scalable code, following best practices and industry standards.
4.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
5.  Experience working in an Agile development environment, and familiar with Scrum and/or Kanban methodologies.
6.  Knowledge of software development best practices, including testing, deployment, and maintenance.
7.  Passion for staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry trends, and continuously learning and improving.
8.  Ability to work independently and as part of a team, and to manage multiple tasks and priorities in a fast-paced environment.


Job Requirements

1.  Lead the development of mobile and web applications, ensuring high-quality, efficient, and scalable code is produced.

2.  Mentor and guide junior developers, providing technical direction, code reviews, and feedback to improve their skills.

3.  Collaborate with product owners, designers, and other stakeholders to understand requirements and design solutions that meet business needs.

4.  Work with the development team to plan, prioritize, and execute projects, ensuring deadlines are met and delivering high-quality results.

5.  Manage and maintain the software development lifecycle, including planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

6.  Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and best practices, and make recommendations for the team to adopt new tools and processes.

7.  Write high-quality, maintainable code, using modern technologies and frameworks, such as React Native and Node.js

8.  Design and implement secure, scalable, and reliable systems that meet the needs of the business and users.

9.  Troubleshoot and debug complex technical issues, and provide technical support to customers and other stakeholders.

10.  Build strong relationships with customers and stakeholders, ensuring their needs are understood and met.

11.  Represent the company in technical discussions and presentations, both internally and externally.

12.  Contribute to the continuous improvement of the development process, providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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