Welcome ESL Tutor Cadidates

Thanks for your interest in our current opening. This is a very good opportunity we want to share with you. We just want to make sure that we match your profile to this post. Please take the following steps so we can progress your application with us.

  1. Create your most promising teaching demonstration.

  2. You will be asked to create a ten-minute teaching demo on a topic we will provide for you.

    1. Record your amazing demo using https://manycam.com/. You may download the app through this website and find the instructions here. This app will allow you to enhance your teaching methodology through the features they present, no limits.

    2. Your demo should include a brief but incredible introduction of yourself, a gist and the objectives of your topic and your teaching demonstration. The first two minutes of the video will be spent on your introduction including device testing. The last two minutes will be for your outro. In between is your teaching demonstration.

    3. You may use this as your lesson. Click HERE.

Just a tip. You will have a dummy/imaginary student. Your teaching demonstration should contain the basics like, a clear and interactive presentation, cool visuals, relevant testing of comprehension and a big chunk of enthusiasm!

  1. You will be required to use a white background under ideal lighting.

  1. Fill out the information form (https://bit.ly/3VsKCNG). You will need to attach the link/actual video in the form.

  2. Our Talent Solutions team will confirm your registration and reach out to you as soon as possible.